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Our dogs are bred for outstanding temperament, health and structure.

Our Puppies

Upcoming Litters at Golden Angels Registered Kennel:

Arrived and Adopted!
- The litter of Hope and Luke are all adopted!

We are pleased to announce the healthy litter of Luke and Hope and that all puppies have been successfully adopted!

Please note that as of December 2020, we are not breeding and there will be no future litters for at least two to three years.

As part of the adoption process, we ask that you review and complete questionnaire at the bottom of the page.

All requests for the puppies and questionnaire must be filled out and sent to Laurie Lindsay!

Please contact us to discuss prices. We guarantee our pups for health issues for two years. will be posting photos of the new litter of Golden Retirevers both on Facebook and in our PhotoGallery.

Faith’s information
AKC/CKC name Gotta Be Fly’n By Seat of Yer Pants
AKC Registration Number SR75109701
CKC Registration Number 1121012
DOB Oct 3rd 2012

PLEASE NOTE: Faith will not be bred to Calum

Calum’s information
AKC/CKC name: Gotta Be when the stars go blue
AKC Registration Number: SR66938601
CKC Registration Number: 1114802
DOB March 11th 2011

Luke’s information
AKC/CKC name: Gotta Be Cool Hand Luke
AKC Registration Number: SR84861302
CKC Registration Number: 1127650
DOB Sept 14th 2014

Hope’s information
AKC/CKC name: Golden Angels Gotta Have Hope
AKC Registration Number: SR86863802
CKC Registration Number: 1129003
DOB Jan 29th 2015

Zoey’s information
AKC/CKC name: Golden Angels Our One and Only
AKC Registration Number: SR86863802
CKC Registration Number: DE 658577
DOB Mar 3rd 2016
NOTE: If you would be interested in a puppy we will require the following questionnaire to be completed and submitted via e-mail.

Puppy Care

When you come home with your Golden Retriever puppy, potty training will already have begun. House training requires patience, vigilance and consistency of everyone in the family. We cannot stress enough that consistency is important.




Keep your Golden Retriever puppy on a schedule and feed a premium dog food. Feed the puppy at the same time every day. Feed your pup at least four hours before bedtime, and remove water approximately two hours before bedtime.